Folk in the Barn
Gig Diary

Fairport Convention Spring Tour 2022

Tuesday 31st May 2022

Malthouse Theatre, Canterbury

Teddy Thompson, with Zak Hobbs

Thursday 16th June 2022

Gulbenkian, Canterbury


Sunday 26th June 2022

Gulbenkian, Canterbury

The Sandy Denny Project

Saturday 2nd July 2022

Gulbenkian, Canterbury

Summer Garden Party with Megson

Saturday 16th July 2022

Edge of Beyond, Barham

Gerry Colvin Concert - Postponed due to Covid - Now Thursday 21st July 2022

Steve Knightley Concert - Postponed due to Covid - Now Friday 24th March 2023


Due to continued and overwhelming demand from our regular audience, many of whom are either vulnerable themselves or are looking after vulnerable relatives we shall be continuing for the time being with basic and sensible Covid Protection Measures.

Firstly please do not attend if you have Covid 19 symptoms or have been in close proximity to someone else who has.  If you have spare lateral flow tests and could test before you attend, please do so.  Most importantly please when indoors around other people, wear a good quality (three layer or FFP2/N95) face mask.  We realise this is no longer a legal requirement but we ask everyone to show care and consideration for each other.  Many of you have written to tell me that you wouldn't feel happy to come to concerts if these protections weren't in place. It's important to us that no-one feels excluded from live music. 

In addition we are hearing of many touring musician friends catching Covid on tour leading to both logistical upheaval and financial loss, after two extremely worrying and difficult years of little income and interrupted touring plans.  We support musicians trying to work and audiences trying to stay healthy and have little confidence in the Government's current attitude to our lives and wellbeing.

When the covid cases drop to a safe level we'll re-visit these plans, but until then we'll do all we can to keep you all safe and well while attending our events.  Debs

Folk in the Barn – you’re what we artists call ‘Blue Chip’ promoters – Chris Wood

We all really enjoyed the gig and feel well and truly privileged to have worked with such a professional and friendly team. Joe's B and B was superb too! -  Elbow Jane

I can't imagine life without Folk in the Barn now! It has provided a lovely focus for hearing new music and performers, in beautiful settings. I can honestly say I have enjoyed each gig I have been to and now have a great collection of cd's to prove it. Angela Barnes

A vital part of preserving the rich heritage of traditional music in Britain is enabling people to see and hear that music played live, and so be inspired to learn more about the music and play it themselves. Folk in the Barn is an outstanding example of the courage and commitment required to ensure that our unique musical heritage not only survives but can grow and continue to develop. Chris Shilling

Huge congratulations to ALL concerned with FITB. Truly the best thing regarding original live music to have happened to Kent for many a year. Thank you so much for bringing us such wonderful artists, time and time again Arcelia

Big thanks to Folk in the Barn for continuing to hunt out and lure to the depths of East Kent, exciting and inspiring performers. Gregory Alan Isakov, his band and the support artist he brought with him were all amazing!!  Danni