Folk in the Barn
Gig Diary

The Phil Beer Band supported by The Hawthornes

Sunday 24th September 2017

Gulbenkian, Canterbury

The Young'uns Supported by The Hut People

Sunday 22 October 2017

Canterbury Cathedral Lodge


Saturday 28th October 2017

Gulbenkian, Canterbury

Martyn Joseph

Sunday 5th November 2017

Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

Elephant Sessions

Sunday 12th November 2017

The Lounge, CCCU SU, St George's Place, Canterbury

History of Folk in the Barn


January - Mike Silver, The Black Robin
January - Rodney Branigan, The Black Robin
January - Fleetwood Cave, The Black Robin
February - Sarah Jarosz, supported by Sam Brothers, Gulbenkian
February - Fairport Convention, supported by Sally Barker, Gulbenkian
March - Turin Brakes, Gulbenkian
March - Sam Kelly Trio, Gulbenkian
April - Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar, Barham Village Hall
April - The Mighty Doonans, Gulbenkian
May - Luke Daniels, The Black Robin
May - Daphne's Flight - Gulbenkian
May - Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman, Gulbenkian
June - Fairport Convention, supported by Luke Jackson, St Marys, Sandwich
June - Cara, Gulbenkian


January - Gilmore & Roberts, The Black Robin
January - Flossie Malavialle - The Black Robin
January - The Watergrain Band, The Black Robin
February - Steve Knightley 'All At Sea Tour', The Playhouse, Whitstable
February - Fairport Convention, Gulbenkian 
February - Fairport Convention, Gulbenkian
March - The Poozies, Gulbenkian
March - The Phil Beer Band, CCCU Chapel postponed to May**
April - Kris Drever, Kingston Barn
April - Luke Jackson, Greg Russell, Ciaran Algar, CCCU Lounge
April - John McCusker Band 25th Anniversay, Gulbenkian
April - Show of Hands Duo Tour, Gulbenkian
May - Phil Henry & Hannah Martin, Kingston Barn
May - Peatbog Faeries
May - Phil Beer Band, CCCU Chapel**
June - Fairport Convention, Acoustic, The Playhouse, Whitstable
July - Dave Bainbridge, Sally Minear, St John the Baptist, Barham
July - Ashley Hutchings, Black Robin Inn, Kingston
July - Ric Sanders Trio, Kingston Barn
September - Richard Digance, annA rydeR, Gulbenkian
September - Fotheringay, Gulbenkian
September - Home Service, The Playhouse, Whitstable
October - Chris While & Julie Matthews, Kingston Barn
November - Jim Causley, Black Robin Inn, Kingston
November - Martyn Joseph, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
November - Cara Dillon, Gulbenkian
December - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
December - The Albion Christmas Band, Gulbenkian

January - Chris Wood, The Black Robin
January - Edwina Hayes, The Black Robin
February - McGoldrick McCusker Doyle, Gulbenkian
February - Fairport Convention, Gulbenkian
March - David Hughes, The Black Robin
March - GerryColvin, The Lounge, CCCU
March - O'Hooley &Tidow, The Barn, Kingston
April - Nick Harper, The Lounge, CCCU
April - Cara Dillon,  spt Radigun, Gulbenkian
April - Phil Beer, Whitstable Playhouse
May - Luke Jackson Trio, The Lounge, CCCU
May - The Demon Barbers XL, Gulbenkian
May - Mawkin, spt Arcelia, The Barn, Kingston
May - Fairport Convention Acoustic, CCL
June - Simpson, Cutting, Kerr - St Gregory's CCCU
June - Alan Prosser, Black Robin Inn, Kingston
July - Dougie MacLean, Gulbenkian
July - Chris Wood, St Gregory's, CCCU
August - Break
September - Home Service, Gulbenkian
September - John Doyle concert and workshop spt Toby Shaer, Kingston Barn
September - Harpeth Rising, Black Robin Inn, Kingston
October - Megson, St John the Baptist Church, Barham
October - Show of Hands, The Marlowe Theatre
October - Chris Leslie, The Kingston Barn
November - Martyn Joseph, Gulbenkian
November - The Treacherous Orchestra, Gulbenkian
November - Oysters 3, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
November - The Rails, Gulbenkian
December - Hark Hark, The Kingston Barn
December - St Agnes Fountain, Revelation St Mary's, Ashford
December - Albion Christmas Band, Gulbenkian


January - Liz Simcock Trio, The Black Robin
January - Ric Sanders Trio, The Black Robin
January - Brooks Williams, Kingston Barn - Workshop and Concert
February - Fairport Convention, Gulbenkian with Edwina Hayes
February - The Lock In, Gulbenkian with Eddy O'Dwyer
February - MacGoldrick, McKusker, Doyle, Gulbenkian
March - Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston, The Kingston Barn
March - Luke Jackson, The Kingston Barn, spt Phoebe Warden
April - Tim Edey, The Kingston Barn
April - Megson, The Kingston Barn
April - Nick Harper, The Kingston Barn
May - Breabach, The Gulbenkian
May - Phil Beer, CCCU Chapel
June - Home Service, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
June - Chris & Kellie While, Kingston Barn
July - Dougie MacLean, Gulbenkian
July - Steve Knightley, Gulbenkian
August - Break
September - Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes, Revelation St Mary's
September - Sally Barker with Vicki Genfan, Gulbenkian
September - Turin Brakes with Nick Harper, Gulbenkian
September - The Open Mikers, CJ & Friends, Max Underdog, The Reckless Sleepers, The Acoustic Architects, Kingston Barn
October - Kieran Goss, Kingston Barn
October - Bridie Jackson & The Arbour, Playhouse Whitstable
October - Terry & Gerry,  Union Coffee House, CCCU, Canterbury
November - Luka Bloom, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
November - Martyn Joseph, Kingston Barn
November - Andy Cutting, The Black Robin Inn
December - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
December - Luke Jackson Trio, The Lounge CCCU
December - Albion Christmas Band - Revelation St Mary's, Ashford


January - Flossie Malavialle, The Black Robin
January - Huw Williams & Maart Allcock, The Black Robin
February - Kan, The Chapel, CCCU
February - Phil Beer, The Chapel, CCCU
February - Luke Jackson, The Black Robin Inn
March - O'Hooley & Tidow, The Black Robin Inn
March - Joe Topping, The Black Robin Inn
March  - Lucy Ward, The Black Robin Inn
April - Arlet, Alister Atkin, Luke Jackson, Brendan Power - Tenth Anniversary Party, The Kingston Barn
April - Show of Hands spt Miranda Sykes, Rex Preston, Revelation St Mary's Ashford
May - Chris Wood Trio , Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
Jun - Fairport Convention, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
Jun - Rodney Branigan, The Black Robin Inn
Jun - Elbow Jane, The Kingston Barn
Jul - Peter Knight's Gigspanner, St Gregory's Centre for Music, CCCU
Aug - Break
Sept - Alister Atkin & The Ghost Line Carnival * Arlet, The Lounge - CCCU
Sept - Kris Dollimore, The Black Robin Inn
Sept - Iona, The Chapel, CCCU
Oct - Jamie Smith's Mabon, The Kingston Barn spt Rudy Warman
Oct - Police Dog Hogan, The Kingston Barn
Oct - Coope, Boyes & Simpson, The Kingston Barn spt Arcelia
Nov- The Blair Dunlop Trio spt Aimee Mackenzie
Nov - James Hickman & Dan Cassidy, The Kingston Barn
Nov - Lau, St Mary's Sandwich, spt Haiku Salut
Dec - Martyn Joseph, The Chapel, CCCU
Dec - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge


January - Reg Meuross, The Black Robin 
February - ahab, The Chapel, CCCU
February - Phil Beer spt The Scarlet Jacks, The Playhouse - Whitstable
March - Iona, The Chapel CCCU
March - Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, Kingston Barn
April - Beatles Blues & Blue Viiolin, Kingston Barn
April - State of the Union, Boo Hewerdine, Brooks Williams spt Luke Jackson, The Chapel CCCU
May - Fairport Convention - CCL
May - Girlyman, Black Robin
May - Girlyman - Kingston Barn & workshop
May - Chris & Kellie While - Kingston Barn
June - Benji Kirkpatrick - Black Robin Inn
September - Alister Atkin Band - The Chapel CCCU
September - Steve Knightley - Kingston Barn
September - Megson - Kingston Barn
October - While & Matthews - Kingston Barn
October - Gregory Alan Isakov, spt Chris Pureka - Kingston Barn
November - The Urban Folk Quartet - Kingston Barn
November - Ralph McTell - St Mary's Arts Centre, Sandwich
November - Martyn Joseph, spt Luke Jackson - The Chapel CCCU
December - St Agnes Fountain, CCL


February - Megson, Kingston Barn
February - The Travelling Talesmen, Reg Meuross & Tom Palmer, St Gregory's, Canterbury
March - ahab, Kingston Barn
March - Martin Carthy, Chris Parkinson, Oliver Knight and Marry Waterson, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
April - Mike Silver spt Jo Hook, Kingston Barn 
May - Fairport Acoustic Convention, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
May - Kieran Goss , Kingston Barn
May - Show of Hands, Quarterhouse, Folkestone
May - Chris & Kellie While, Kingston Barn
June - Chris Wood, spt Luke Jackson, Whitstable Playhouse
June - Steve Knightley, St Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury
July - Christine Collister - Kingston Barn
September - Uiscedwr, St Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury
September - Dougie MacLean, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
October - John Williams & John Etheridge, St Mary's Arts Centre, Sandwich
October - Turin Brakes, supported by Blair Dunlop, St Mary's Arts Centre, Sandwich
October - Nick Harper supported by Alister Atkin, Kingston Barn
November - Philip Henry & Hannah Martin supported by The Scarlet Jacks, Kingston Barn
November - Lau, Kingston Barn
December - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
December - Martyn Joseph, St Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury


February - Mawkin:Causley spt by Billy Irvine, Whitstable Playhouse
February - Beth Nielsen Chapman spt by Marcus Hummon, St Mary's Church, Sandwich
March - Martyn Joseph, Kingston Barn inc workshop
April - Show of Hands, Quarterhouse, Folkestone
May - Gigspanner, Kingston Barn
May - Fairport Acoustic Convention - Canterbury Cathedral ISC
June - Flossie Malavialle & Keith Donnelly, Kingston Barn
June - Steve Knightley spt Luke Jackson, St Gregory's Centre for Music
July - Cara Dillon spt Lucy Kitt, St Mary's Church, Sandwich
September - Beatles Blues and Blue Violin, Kingston Barn
October - Girlyman, St Gregory's Centre for Music
October - The Jigantics * Luke Jackson * Acoustic Architects, Whitstable Playhouse
November - Martyn Joseph, St Mary's Church, Sandwich
December - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge


March - Megson & Jenna, St Gregory's Centre for Music
April - Martyn Joseph, Whitstable Playhouse
May - Turin Brakes spt Kate Walsh, CCISC
June - Gigspanner, Kingston Barn
June - Steve Knightley & Martyn Joseph, Kingston Barn
September - Chris While & Julie Matthews, CCISC
October - ColvinQuarmby, Whitstable Playhouse
October - Show of Hands, Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone
November - Keith James/John Martyn Concert, Kingston Barn
December - St Agnes Fountain, CCISC


May - Phil Beer, Reg Meuross, Tom Palmer, Kingston Barn
June - Martin Simpson, CCISC
October - Show of Hands, Tower Theatre, Folkestone
November - Karine Polwart, The Steiner School Theatre, Canterbury
December - St Agnes Fountain, CCISC


January - Beth Nielsen Chapman, CCISC
March - Waterhorse, ColvinQuarmby, Whitstable Playhouse
April - John Tams & Barry Coope, CCISC
May - Steve Knightley & Jenna, CCISC
July - Nomads, Barber & Taylor, Whitstable Playhouse
Queensberry Rules, Uiscedwr, Whitstable Playhouse
September - Adrian Nation, Chris While Band
November - Julie Fowlis, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Gulbenkian Theatre
December - John Smith, Cara Dillon, CCISC


February – Martin Simpson, CCISC
April – Show of Hands, CCISC
July – Paul Downes, Kingston Barn
September - Chris & Kellie While, spt Barber & Taylor, Kingston Barn
November - Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts, spt Beck Sian Kingston Barn
December - (Lazarus*) replaced by Megson, spt Jim Laslett


February – Seth Lakeman Trio, Kingston Barn
May – Show of Hands, CCISC
October – Miranda Sykes Band, Kingston Barn
November – ColvinQuarmby, Kingston Barn
December – Martyn Joseph, CCISC


March – Show of Hands, CCISC
July – Mundy-Turner, Kingston Barn
September – 3 Generations (Steve Knightley, Seth Lakeman, Jenna Witt), CCISC
Nov – ColvinQuarmby, Kingston Barn


April  – Show of Hands, Kingston Barn
November  – ColvinQuarmby, Kingston Barn