Folk in the Barn
Gig Diary

Peggy & AJ

Saturday 25th November 2017

The Kingston Barn

Cara Dillon - Upon a Winter's Night

Sunday 3rd December 2017

Gulbenkian, Canterbury

St Agnes Fountain - SOLD OUT

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

Albion Christmas Band - SOLD OUT

Tuesday 19th December 2017

Gulbenkian, Canterbury

Ewan McLennan

Sunday 7th January 2018

The Black Robin Inn, Kingston, Canterbury

History of Folk in the Barn


January - Mike Silver, The Black Robin
January - Rodney Branigan, The Black Robin
January - Fleetwood Cave, The Black Robin
February - Sarah Jarosz, supported by Sam Brothers, Gulbenkian
February - Fairport Convention, supported by Sally Barker, Gulbenkian
March - Turin Brakes, Gulbenkian
March - Sam Kelly Trio, Gulbenkian
April - Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar, Barham Village Hall
April - The Mighty Doonans, Gulbenkian
May - Luke Daniels, The Black Robin
May - Daphne's Flight - Gulbenkian
May - Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman, Gulbenkian
June - Fairport Convention, supported by Luke Jackson, St Marys, Sandwich
June - Cara, Gulbenkian
July - TRADarrr, The Chapel, CCCU
August - Break
September - Martin Simpson, supported by James Riley, Gulbankian
September - Charlie Dore & Julian Littman, Goodnestone Park
September - Phil Beer Band, Gulbenkian
October - The Young'uns, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
October - Breabach, Gulbenkian
November - Martyn Joseph, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge


January - Gilmore & Roberts, The Black Robin
January - Flossie Malavialle - The Black Robin
January - The Watergrain Band, The Black Robin
February - Steve Knightley 'All At Sea Tour', The Playhouse, Whitstable
February - Fairport Convention, Gulbenkian 
February - Fairport Convention, Gulbenkian
March - The Poozies, Gulbenkian
March - The Phil Beer Band, CCCU Chapel postponed to May**
April - Kris Drever, Kingston Barn
April - Luke Jackson, Greg Russell, Ciaran Algar, CCCU Lounge
April - John McCusker Band 25th Anniversay, Gulbenkian
April - Show of Hands Duo Tour, Gulbenkian
May - Phil Henry & Hannah Martin, Kingston Barn
May - Peatbog Faeries
May - Phil Beer Band, CCCU Chapel**
June - Fairport Convention, Acoustic, The Playhouse, Whitstable
July - Dave Bainbridge, Sally Minear, St John the Baptist, Barham
July - Ashley Hutchings, Black Robin Inn, Kingston
July - Ric Sanders Trio, Kingston Barn
September - Richard Digance, annA rydeR, Gulbenkian
September - Fotheringay, Gulbenkian
September - Home Service, The Playhouse, Whitstable
October - Chris While & Julie Matthews, Kingston Barn
November - Jim Causley, Black Robin Inn, Kingston
November - Martyn Joseph, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
November - Cara Dillon, Gulbenkian
December - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
December - The Albion Christmas Band, Gulbenkian

January - Chris Wood, The Black Robin
January - Edwina Hayes, The Black Robin
February - McGoldrick McCusker Doyle, Gulbenkian
February - Fairport Convention, Gulbenkian
March - David Hughes, The Black Robin
March - GerryColvin, The Lounge, CCCU
March - O'Hooley &Tidow, The Barn, Kingston
April - Nick Harper, The Lounge, CCCU
April - Cara Dillon,  spt Radigun, Gulbenkian
April - Phil Beer, Whitstable Playhouse
May - Luke Jackson Trio, The Lounge, CCCU
May - The Demon Barbers XL, Gulbenkian
May - Mawkin, spt Arcelia, The Barn, Kingston
May - Fairport Convention Acoustic, CCL
June - Simpson, Cutting, Kerr - St Gregory's CCCU
June - Alan Prosser, Black Robin Inn, Kingston
July - Dougie MacLean, Gulbenkian
July - Chris Wood, St Gregory's, CCCU
August - Break
September - Home Service, Gulbenkian
September - John Doyle concert and workshop spt Toby Shaer, Kingston Barn
September - Harpeth Rising, Black Robin Inn, Kingston
October - Megson, St John the Baptist Church, Barham
October - Show of Hands, The Marlowe Theatre
October - Chris Leslie, The Kingston Barn
November - Martyn Joseph, Gulbenkian
November - The Treacherous Orchestra, Gulbenkian
November - Oysters 3, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
November - The Rails, Gulbenkian
December - Hark Hark, The Kingston Barn
December - St Agnes Fountain, Revelation St Mary's, Ashford
December - Albion Christmas Band, Gulbenkian


January - Liz Simcock Trio, The Black Robin
January - Ric Sanders Trio, The Black Robin
January - Brooks Williams, Kingston Barn - Workshop and Concert
February - Fairport Convention, Gulbenkian with Edwina Hayes
February - The Lock In, Gulbenkian with Eddy O'Dwyer
February - MacGoldrick, McKusker, Doyle, Gulbenkian
March - Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston, The Kingston Barn
March - Luke Jackson, The Kingston Barn, spt Phoebe Warden
April - Tim Edey, The Kingston Barn
April - Megson, The Kingston Barn
April - Nick Harper, The Kingston Barn
May - Breabach, The Gulbenkian
May - Phil Beer, CCCU Chapel
June - Home Service, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
June - Chris & Kellie While, Kingston Barn
July - Dougie MacLean, Gulbenkian
July - Steve Knightley, Gulbenkian
August - Break
September - Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes, Revelation St Mary's
September - Sally Barker with Vicki Genfan, Gulbenkian
September - Turin Brakes with Nick Harper, Gulbenkian
September - The Open Mikers, CJ & Friends, Max Underdog, The Reckless Sleepers, The Acoustic Architects, Kingston Barn
October - Kieran Goss, Kingston Barn
October - Bridie Jackson & The Arbour, Playhouse Whitstable
October - Terry & Gerry,  Union Coffee House, CCCU, Canterbury
November - Luka Bloom, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
November - Martyn Joseph, Kingston Barn
November - Andy Cutting, The Black Robin Inn
December - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
December - Luke Jackson Trio, The Lounge CCCU
December - Albion Christmas Band - Revelation St Mary's, Ashford


January - Flossie Malavialle, The Black Robin
January - Huw Williams & Maart Allcock, The Black Robin
February - Kan, The Chapel, CCCU
February - Phil Beer, The Chapel, CCCU
February - Luke Jackson, The Black Robin Inn
March - O'Hooley & Tidow, The Black Robin Inn
March - Joe Topping, The Black Robin Inn
March  - Lucy Ward, The Black Robin Inn
April - Arlet, Alister Atkin, Luke Jackson, Brendan Power - Tenth Anniversary Party, The Kingston Barn
April - Show of Hands spt Miranda Sykes, Rex Preston, Revelation St Mary's Ashford
May - Chris Wood Trio , Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
Jun - Fairport Convention, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
Jun - Rodney Branigan, The Black Robin Inn
Jun - Elbow Jane, The Kingston Barn
Jul - Peter Knight's Gigspanner, St Gregory's Centre for Music, CCCU
Aug - Break
Sept - Alister Atkin & The Ghost Line Carnival * Arlet, The Lounge - CCCU
Sept - Kris Dollimore, The Black Robin Inn
Sept - Iona, The Chapel, CCCU
Oct - Jamie Smith's Mabon, The Kingston Barn spt Rudy Warman
Oct - Police Dog Hogan, The Kingston Barn
Oct - Coope, Boyes & Simpson, The Kingston Barn spt Arcelia
Nov- The Blair Dunlop Trio spt Aimee Mackenzie
Nov - James Hickman & Dan Cassidy, The Kingston Barn
Nov - Lau, St Mary's Sandwich, spt Haiku Salut
Dec - Martyn Joseph, The Chapel, CCCU
Dec - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge


January - Reg Meuross, The Black Robin 
February - ahab, The Chapel, CCCU
February - Phil Beer spt The Scarlet Jacks, The Playhouse - Whitstable
March - Iona, The Chapel CCCU
March - Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, Kingston Barn
April - Beatles Blues & Blue Viiolin, Kingston Barn
April - State of the Union, Boo Hewerdine, Brooks Williams spt Luke Jackson, The Chapel CCCU
May - Fairport Convention - CCL
May - Girlyman, Black Robin
May - Girlyman - Kingston Barn & workshop
May - Chris & Kellie While - Kingston Barn
June - Benji Kirkpatrick - Black Robin Inn
September - Alister Atkin Band - The Chapel CCCU
September - Steve Knightley - Kingston Barn
September - Megson - Kingston Barn
October - While & Matthews - Kingston Barn
October - Gregory Alan Isakov, spt Chris Pureka - Kingston Barn
November - The Urban Folk Quartet - Kingston Barn
November - Ralph McTell - St Mary's Arts Centre, Sandwich
November - Martyn Joseph, spt Luke Jackson - The Chapel CCCU
December - St Agnes Fountain, CCL


February - Megson, Kingston Barn
February - The Travelling Talesmen, Reg Meuross & Tom Palmer, St Gregory's, Canterbury
March - ahab, Kingston Barn
March - Martin Carthy, Chris Parkinson, Oliver Knight and Marry Waterson, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
April - Mike Silver spt Jo Hook, Kingston Barn 
May - Fairport Acoustic Convention, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
May - Kieran Goss , Kingston Barn
May - Show of Hands, Quarterhouse, Folkestone
May - Chris & Kellie While, Kingston Barn
June - Chris Wood, spt Luke Jackson, Whitstable Playhouse
June - Steve Knightley, St Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury
July - Christine Collister - Kingston Barn
September - Uiscedwr, St Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury
September - Dougie MacLean, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
October - John Williams & John Etheridge, St Mary's Arts Centre, Sandwich
October - Turin Brakes, supported by Blair Dunlop, St Mary's Arts Centre, Sandwich
October - Nick Harper supported by Alister Atkin, Kingston Barn
November - Philip Henry & Hannah Martin supported by The Scarlet Jacks, Kingston Barn
November - Lau, Kingston Barn
December - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
December - Martyn Joseph, St Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury


February - Mawkin:Causley spt by Billy Irvine, Whitstable Playhouse
February - Beth Nielsen Chapman spt by Marcus Hummon, St Mary's Church, Sandwich
March - Martyn Joseph, Kingston Barn inc workshop
April - Show of Hands, Quarterhouse, Folkestone
May - Gigspanner, Kingston Barn
May - Fairport Acoustic Convention - Canterbury Cathedral ISC
June - Flossie Malavialle & Keith Donnelly, Kingston Barn
June - Steve Knightley spt Luke Jackson, St Gregory's Centre for Music
July - Cara Dillon spt Lucy Kitt, St Mary's Church, Sandwich
September - Beatles Blues and Blue Violin, Kingston Barn
October - Girlyman, St Gregory's Centre for Music
October - The Jigantics * Luke Jackson * Acoustic Architects, Whitstable Playhouse
November - Martyn Joseph, St Mary's Church, Sandwich
December - St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge


March - Megson & Jenna, St Gregory's Centre for Music
April - Martyn Joseph, Whitstable Playhouse
May - Turin Brakes spt Kate Walsh, CCISC
June - Gigspanner, Kingston Barn
June - Steve Knightley & Martyn Joseph, Kingston Barn
September - Chris While & Julie Matthews, CCISC
October - ColvinQuarmby, Whitstable Playhouse
October - Show of Hands, Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone
November - Keith James/John Martyn Concert, Kingston Barn
December - St Agnes Fountain, CCISC


May - Phil Beer, Reg Meuross, Tom Palmer, Kingston Barn
June - Martin Simpson, CCISC
October - Show of Hands, Tower Theatre, Folkestone
November - Karine Polwart, The Steiner School Theatre, Canterbury
December - St Agnes Fountain, CCISC


January - Beth Nielsen Chapman, CCISC
March - Waterhorse, ColvinQuarmby, Whitstable Playhouse
April - John Tams & Barry Coope, CCISC
May - Steve Knightley & Jenna, CCISC
July - Nomads, Barber & Taylor, Whitstable Playhouse
Queensberry Rules, Uiscedwr, Whitstable Playhouse
September - Adrian Nation, Chris While Band
November - Julie Fowlis, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Gulbenkian Theatre
December - John Smith, Cara Dillon, CCISC


February – Martin Simpson, CCISC
April – Show of Hands, CCISC
July – Paul Downes, Kingston Barn
September - Chris & Kellie While, spt Barber & Taylor, Kingston Barn
November - Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts, spt Beck Sian Kingston Barn
December - (Lazarus*) replaced by Megson, spt Jim Laslett


February – Seth Lakeman Trio, Kingston Barn
May – Show of Hands, CCISC
October – Miranda Sykes Band, Kingston Barn
November – ColvinQuarmby, Kingston Barn
December – Martyn Joseph, CCISC


March – Show of Hands, CCISC
July – Mundy-Turner, Kingston Barn
September – 3 Generations (Steve Knightley, Seth Lakeman, Jenna Witt), CCISC
Nov – ColvinQuarmby, Kingston Barn


April  – Show of Hands, Kingston Barn
November  – ColvinQuarmby, Kingston Barn